Marc's Mind Games


Marc's Mind Games


Marc's polished and professional performance will leave your clients with an unforgettable impression of your business. He has performed for countless public and private corporations including CSU, Minicom, Siemens, and more. Marc guarantees that your guests will go home with the lasting impression you desire. One of the important factors in creating a really special dinner or banquet is to make sure your clients have fond memories of their evening and that they realize the effort you've made to make their experience a special one. As the one who made the evening possible, you will come off looking great and your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

Private Parties:

Holiday parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvas, anniversary/birthday parties and sheva brachot are perfect occasions for Marc's show. Marc's mentalism/magic show will guarantee an unforgettable time. His original and exciting presentations will amaze even the most jaded audiences. Enhance your party with an amazing, mind-blowing and tremendously entertaining show they will really appreciate.

Close-Up and Personal:

Close-up mentalism and magic is the perfect icebreaker for your party. Marc will mingle with your guests in a relaxed and friendly manner as he demonstrates his mastery of psychic control and psychokinesis. He will borrow common items from your guests and cause these objects to move or to reshape themselves in a marvellous display of mind over matter. He will read the minds of your guests in a rapid-fire demonstration of psychic experiments that will amaze, impress and make your event a most memorable and successful one.

Stage Performance:

Marc's stage show is a high energy, totally interactive event. He skilfully blends ability, talent and humour, creating a comfortable and relaxed, yet challenging and stimulating experience for participants as well as members of the audience. He demonstrates ESP, mind reading, sleight of hand, psychokinesis and psycholinguistics. The range of his experiments include: bending silverware with his mind, telling you your birth date and best friend's name, predicting choices participants will make in the show, revealing details of participants' past vacations or other personal events, as well as many other amazing illusions. Marc's show is clean, fun and can be themed to your event. He guarantees success.