Marc's Mind Games


Marc's Mind Games

"My wand is the mind and my props are pieces of information" -Marc Garfinkel

What is a mentalist?

A mentalist works with the mind on both the creative and analytical level. Through years of training and practice, Marc is able to connect with audiences of all sizes to capture individual thoughts and retrieve them during his show. Working with audience volunteers, Marc can identify information that is known only to his subjects.

Does a mentalist use supernatural powers?

He believes that everyone has the same abilities that he does, but he uses his abilities in an extra special way. A musician's or an artist's work invade our minds eliciting a whole range of emotions and feelings. They create a tone or mood with their artistic creations. That is exactly what he does. He does not use supernatural power but he does use his five senses and the audience's five senses to create the illusion of a sixth sense. This has a profound and lasting effect on their psyche.

Can Marc read your mind?

He cannot simply tell you what you are thinking of; rather most of his encounters are done under test conditions, which are structured to allow him to "sense" people's thoughts. Under these conditions, he can relate to how a person responds, by creating the illusion of reading their body language and eye movement. Using sound scientific principles, psychological concepts, and sleight of hand he is able to ascertain an amazing amount of personal information. On a simpler level, when we drive, often we have to anticipate other people's intentions. This is done through non-verbal communication. This is experienced in everyday life. He just brings it to a whole new level.

What is Marc's performance all about?

Marc's number one goal is entertainment. He encourages his audience to challenge their own definition of reality. Just ask the thousands of people all over the country who have seen him perform in a one-on-one situation or on a stage set with lights and music.